“Rather than loading the memory from other’s thoughts, its important how to think instead of what to think so as to be able to think for ourselves”
I welcome you all to the Subodh College of Global Excellence, an institution of academic excellence and achievement, which was established in 2015. Within two years the college has attained a successful position in the field of education and has become one of the finest colleges within the University of Rajasthan. At Subodh College, we have been imparting higher education to youngsters in India since its inception, which is a very substantial, potent and conscientious task. We all know that youth is a great human resource and their role in the society is critical for development of a nation.
Education is the most powerful weapon that plays an important role is changing the world. It gives a foundation to students to nurture themselves for creating a better future. The aim of S.S. Jain Subodh College of Global Excellence is to promote the best education to learners in order to foster their overall development. The objective of this institution is to foster quality education and overall development of students.
An ample of events including academic and co-curricular were conducted by the college during its previous sessions with an aim to motivate them for candid exposure. Our pride is our experienced, qualified and best faculties and staff. We recognize the traits and build environment to excel in research projects of faculty and students. With an aim to impart the best of the knowledge to our students with required inputs, and the desire and ability to learn, I welcome you once again to lead and excel to make yourself responsible and respected citizens.

(Shri N. R. Kothari)
S.S. Jain Subodh Shiksha Samiti

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