Curricular Activities

The foremost academic session of Global College of Excellence was adorned with many accolades. Our nativity was a dream of Subodh Think Tank to create a place where education is imparted not mere literacy, where development is holistic not just academic, and where students are given ample scope and opportunities to polish their innate creativity. In our initial session we planned a number of extracurricular activities to encourage the students to put their best foot forward in various spheres. It also professes coordination, adjustment, and speech fluency, extempore and debating skills amongst students. Co-curricular activities render a number of values like:

  • Educational value
  • Psychological Values
  • Development of Social Values
  • Development of Civic Values
  • Physical Development Values
  • Recreational Values
  • Cultural Values

Independence Day celebration was full of patriotism and enthusiasm. All the units of Subodh Shikshan Sansthan gathered to celebrate it Celebration of Independence Day was a proud moment for every Subodhian to take pride in their Country’s honour and glory. Everyone was geared up and enthused for the momentous occasion. The patriotic fervor was vibrantly alive in the Bulletin Board displays. A cultural programme was also presented by the various students of different Subodh units on the occasion.

In order to spread the feeling of patriotism and love towards the country, Republic Day celebration was held in Jan Mangal Sports Stadium. The hoisting of flag spread a wave of silence which was supported with the humming of National Anthem in the backdrop. Every student was excited and filled with pride which could be easily seen in their eyes. The event became special when students started to showcase their skills with play performances, patriotic songs and various other performances.

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